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Towards Results of the Workshop "Environmental Management: More of the Same or Time for Change?"

Along with the aim of the knowledge lab

"The Knowledge Lab is an attempt to provide a collective space for anti-capitalist reflection. It is located at the margin of the university, an institution essentially geared towards the production of knowledge as a resource for corporate interest and as justification for particular constellations of power relations. The Knowledge Lab is hence also an attempt to claim back some of the university's space, resources and know-how from the military-industrial complex and make them available for people concerned about and working against the status quo of unceasing commodification, exploitation, war, and biospherical destruction."

we can use this space to formulate the results of the workshop Environmental Management: More of the Same or Time for Change? Confronting the Manageability Paradigm in January 2008.

The workshop (email list, forum) brought together leftist (some at least with activist tendencies) researchers and practitioners of so-called "Environmental Management". The aim was to start developing a critical perspective on the practices and implications of hegemonic "Environmental Management".


Follow Up

  • How about Editing a Paper on the Workshop?: including all Contribution, Organising Responsibilities and Procedures; currently with notes from Sebastian
  • A Talk on further project progress and organisation of topic contributions was started (link was send to all subscribers)

Visual Outline of Current Status

Workshop Confronting Manageability Paradigm Content4.jpeg