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- Indymedia activists:

- Anarcho Blogs:

- Pages are compiled out of feeds: "rss" from individual blogs

- Mick:

- AnarchoBabe:

- Mick's blog associated with videos, also clearer channel:

- rss-feeds from indymedia, according to different topics, e.g migration rss,

- feedreader: bloglines, rabble's essay on good feedreader: , example for feedreader: fire-ant

- media rss feedreader

- xml button: copy link address

- only links to videos etc. does not use much memory

- feedreader: displays title, description, URL

- podcasting: enclosures: this is how it works also for audio files

- standards; compatibility of rss feeds

- rss feeds: atom is different from rss 1 to rss 9, parses released

- Mick presents Clearer Channel:

- discussion about Blog entries on Indymedia

- rss feed: basically applying filters to content

- blogs: personal comments

- ifi news about international finance institutions:

- syndication: incorporating ifi watch into indymedia?, compile really good rss feeds

- trust and politics: ifi watch regular high content all time,

- if syndicated where would syndication go to

- Indymedia: political project: could headlines of ifi watch be on indymedia?

- but How to select? What would be the process? How would it be egalitarian and fair?

- podcasting on indymedia? and algomate: global indymedia podcast, radio newswire,

- proposal: creating new website to syndicate with alternative media project rss

- myindymedia project: possibility to create personal indymedia page

- lots of effort, self-education, teaching and similar to be able to make informed decision

- opensourcecms: different content management systems to tr out and to select for different purposes

- G8 bloggers: now offline, but e.g. G8 Bikeride Blog:

- also tagging; scattered content on different indymedias and how to link it all up in one place

- blogmail project: webmail application combined with mailapplication; email published as blog entries

- blogmail could be usefull for indymedia reporting

- mash-ups: merging different applications