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Patterns - It's a complex world and our language isn't always very sensitive to that complexity. In my seminar I present a language of complexity based on 10 basic patterns or dynamic structures. A language is a theory of everything, it tells us what kinds of things we should see in the world (e.g. nouns-objects, adjectives-properties, verbs-functions). This language is no exception. But instead of an object centric view, it promotes a view of the world based on patterns. Though none of the specific patterns I present should be unfamiliar, the way they connect and grow from each other may be. Hence grasping these patterns should aid conceptualisation and problem solving. At the very least, they should add to our understanding rather than taking away.

After presenting the basic idea, I then seek discussion and criticism of the overall theory, as well as possible applications for these patterns in practical, scientific and artistic contexts. An alternative symbolic language with which to analyse the world. Adopted by Tom Cochrane