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asked for Name, town, organisational involvement and intrests

  * Dan, Red Pepper, Leeds
  * Katie, Manchester, Basement Social Centre, zines and independent small publishers
  * Paul, Sheffield, Community media,
  * Joanna,
  * Mark, Lancaster, video producer, documentary film making, scriptwriting, politics and media, 
  * Stephen, London, University of Essex, various alt. Media productions, mainly academic, interested in producing print publications,
  * Andre, Birmingham, academic publishing, alt. Media research project, organisational sociologists
  * Marion, involved in alt. Media research project, mix between theory and practice, 
  * Jake, Chicago, artist and computer, critical artwork group, connecting with early video art history and contemporary media, media activism and distribution,
  * Ana, Cornwall, artist, student, peer to peer teaching of how to create digital portofolios, Vjing,
  * Jon Kates, part of critical artworks project, decentralised and participatory project, academic, teaching,
  * Jo, p/t librarian, teach online resources, housing coop and community centre involvement
  * Mick, video, social centre,
  * Pennie, Indymedia, Resonance FM, alt media research project, alt media and conflict, 
  * Fabian, Sheffield, Indymedia, Imc in Africa, journalist, 
  * Anas, Cardiff, Syria, free speech and free media esp. interested in, researcher free and open source software and impact on social capital as source of change, Cardiff university
  * Mhairi, Glasgow, Scotland, SSP,(multi) media and truth,