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One World Week is a week full of awareness, but what sort of awareness? see [1] for last year's narrative. the problem with that blurb is, i don't want a makeover, i actually want to sit round a camp fire and dream with all the beautiful hippies.

13th - 17th march in alex square on campus. there are various comfortable fairtrade things happening anyway, but what else can we do?

this page is for suggestions.

some ideas:

properganda - distribute some inspiring text (see below)

workshops - NVDA, internet/techie stuff, D.I.Y stuff e.g. inviting WEN (the Women's Environment Network) to do something re making nappies/sanitory towels. hands on stuff that lasts longer than a week.

get local groups along


discussions/talks - who? what? any threads as yet? lecturers?

organic alcohol in venues


this leaflet could be a collection of our rants. was thinking we could write some stuff here about topical/local/insurrectionary issues and then make a paper version for the week. what do folk think? something akin to schnews....don't want it to be a massive task, so if we brainstorm as of now, we can all contribute a little and it will be simple and passionate.

so - local luddite history, stuff re local road expansion, the univerity as knowledge economy, I.D. cards, bioethanol, nanotech, lancs indymedia etc

see [,,1710219,00.html ]for bioethanol stuff

and theory would be nice, an improved version of the local green anarchy publication (with something about anarchy and the environment perhaps.....)