Feeling Media

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Feeling media

In this session, two topics about how media affects our reality construction will be discussed:

i. The possibility of a distorted perception

Senses connect us with reality. What we see, hear, taste or feel is the low level info that our every-day knowledge is made of. If media is affecting our senses, then media is tearing us apart from reality, and not only in the info distribution/manipulation, but also in our actual perception of reality.

Is it possible for media to affect our senses, how?

If so, what affections are occurring us?

ii. How this world really is

It is "uncomfortable" and yet challenging to think that our perception is likely to be distorted by media. Very important questions arise from this:

If things around us are not like our senses are "telling us" they are, then how these things really are?

How can we access the real reality?