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Alternative media at WSF in Mali

- most reporting in french as Mali former french colonie, also organisational and network wise,

- french language domination common as experienced it already in Senegal.

- WSF 2006 in 3 different locations, Karachi (Pakistan), Mali (Afrika), Caracas (Venezuela)

- 3 different locations worked out really well for involving more African pple, more locals and more broader discussion and representations,

- lots of french NGOs and french organisations

- not enough translation into english

- G8 talk of taking care of Africa, but we need more contact in Africa, and lots more knowledge about struggles in Africa,

- independent media perspective: rushed, not much preperation

- link of french people on the ground and english speaking africa imc collective difficult, need help from french IMCs

- practically over 5 days at WSF: strong focus on migration issues,

- Mali: grassroot activity is a luxury, so local journalists, also funding and NGOs issue, indymedia is working differently,

- in comparison to Africa: Latin America much more activism, ideological thinking on higher level,

- Islam primary religion,

- Indymedia: volunteer pool of translators

- spontaneous demonstration against french embassy deporting refugees back into Africa

- class issue of activism (western activists with laptops, African with paper)

- establishment of IMCs in Africa: how much is growing out and how much is parachuted in? What is the role of IMC?

- approach: technological inequality,

- next year's WSF in Kenia, Nairobi (english speaking)

- to set up IMC good connections of activists here and african pple necessary

- practicalities of local or non-local server space

- how did the local police react? Mali is quite open, fairly open press, but limit to freedom of speech,

- Project: IMC in Africa: looking forward to Nairobi,