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At the knowledgelab I intend to introduce to GPG. GPG is a free, open-source software which is compatible with the commercial PGP. PGP means "Pretty Good Privacy". GPG means "GNU Privacy Guard". GNU refers to an open-source licenzing model.

Encryption Software

If you use

Well, this software (above) gives you the possibility to do everything. In practice however, you might find it "nice" to have another front-end, an easier to use user interface.

Front Ends

People who use Mozilla (Internet browser) or Thunderbird (Email client) could use Enigmail. You can find other front ends at the official GPG Front End Homepage.


When you install the software(s) you will be asked (WinPT) or you have to do it yourself: Create your GPG key. Learn here how_to_use_GPG (What is a key, and intro to the most relevant concepts)! :-)

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