AUL/lancaster climate action

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follow up from the session on climate chaos

Preparing action against climate chaos

Meeting Tuesday, 28th Nov 2006, 7 pm @ the basement

points to discuss:

  • which materials do we need
  • documentation
  • who/when?


We had a nice discussion around possible targets (who is causing the problems?). This lead us to discuss how to change people's behaviour/get people thinking. For this, it has been suggested, it is necessary to point to alternatives, change people's "narrative" of the theme of life: there is more fun available than in consuming. "grow your own food"

Lifestyle changes have been discussed: how can consuption not only changed but reduced? The latter -reduction- presents a step outside capitalism (which could go together with: free up time, work less, spend less (makes you richer)).

Alternatives need to be explained and options shown. Explaning should be easy and widespread.Options could be: local food, recycle stuff, skipping/freegan.

Envisaged actions:

  • CO2 counting
  • slow/local food
  • "cost" of shopping basked
  • free party(local food&beer, pedal powered sound system, workshop of creating the latter
  • garden