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Climate Change

How serious is climate change – for whom? And what can we do about it?

films/clips we will bring:

What's going on with Climate Change?

  • "green gold": 29'50
  • nuclear energy is no alternative. castor protest: 5'11

What can we do?

  • blockade of shell petrol station in london: 14'47
  • demo at a shell petrol station in bristol: '39
  • clips from climate camp: several available

Join us for film&discussion

Tues 14th Nov 7pm – The Basement (Under Single Step)

A report from the session.

We started off with a general introduction to AUL.

We chose to look at climate change because it is -rightly- becoming a more widespread topic. However, there is a need that critical and green-red-black activists stress that climate change cannot be addressed arbitrarily from any political point of view. Fascists might suggest to get rid of all the underdeveloped people who threaten the white man's access to resources. In contrast to that we emphasis that climate change is to be addressed with concrete action for a more just world and with better life conditions for the poor. We cannot wait for the governments to solve the climate problem, but have to take action ourselves.

As an introduction to climate change we looked for half an hour at scientific findings about global warming and climate change, coming to the conclusion we should rather talk about climate chaos.

Then we watched the film Green Gold by H Bachram, E Southern, J Chadwick about carbon trade, greenwash and the effects on this climate change measure in an example from the global south. Further, we watched a clip on how nuclear energy is no option to get out of environmental problems. This clip is about the castor protests in Germany (2002). Nuclear energy poses high risks in its transport of the materials to the reactor, in the running of the reactor as well as with its waste.

The clip on the castor transport protests lead us to discuss what we can do about climate chaos. For that we watched footage from the Camp for Climate Action and from a RisingTide action at a Shell petrol station. People poinmted out that climate chaos action is not a single issue, but that climate chaos has to be addressed in the context of capitalism which is the source of the problem. It is no solution to just ask people to make different consumer choice, but it is also necessary to overthrow the system which makes us consume more and more and which does not care for the environment intrinsically. Therfore it is relevant to ask: what are possible and strategically useful interventions; where and how can we act?

Finally we discussed what to do in Lancaster and we agreed on meeting up again to prepare an action.