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Duygun Gokturk (Bogazici University Lifelong Education Center, Istanbul, Turkey) is preparing to talk about the Making of the Modern Education System in the Process of Creating the Nationstate Turkey (1923-1940s)

This period is interesting because it allows us to think through how education is used politically to make a new western nation-state. The prior religious education system had to be abolished and teaching secularized. In the 1940s 20 "Village Institutes" have been founded. These are described by some people as "one of the most revolutionary social programs ever tackled by a developing country to educate the peasant masses with both practical skills and a classical education".

Around this input we can question the role of education for social change in different countries... Ingmar is prepared also to talk a bit of "Democratizing the German Education System after WW2" - partly enforced by the US.