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The BioNanoEnvironmental Politics Group

We can use this page and others to exchange ideas, information, etc. Please feel free to edit this page (click at "login" at the top; you will be asked to create an user name and then you can edit this page). Further, we can create other pages, i.e.AUL/BioNanoEnvGroup/links.

The Lancaster Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and the Environment Group is a interdisciplinary study collective intended to facilitate further study and research into these areas, particularly with regard to their impact on the social and the political. The group aims to provide a forum for the discussion of ideas and papers, the providing links to resources and information about upcoming events.

Suggestions for how to proceed:

1)Blog: Please create a little blog for yourself on this site, stating your name and interests and contact details if you wish. This will enable people to identify who has common interests, or who may be of use for research/discussion.

2)Publish: If you have any essays or papers you wish to share, please attach them below.

3)Bibliography: If you know of any websites or journals that are specifically appropriate, or of have any published papers that you think are valuable, then please cite them/include links.

4)Events: If you know of any upcoming events of interest, then please list them here. If you have attended or will attend an event, feel free to file a report on the event's contents for the group.


El: Elspeth Kent, MA Security and War. Interests: The environment, global warming and warfare, network centric warfare.

Chris: Christopher Davis, MA Security and War. Interests: Biopolitics, Bioeconomics, Network Centric Warfare, Defence and Foreign Policy Analysis

PUBLISH: Essays/Papers

  • Ingmar's essay on the rationality of insurance of nanotec



'The making of biosecurities' Nick Bingham, Open University.

Date: Monday, 19th March 1pm

Location: Lancaster University, County South College, B65


Want to meet up? Suggest a date, time, topic. Let's meet in AUL/YURT in week 9!

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