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Autonomous University of Lancaster

  1. REDIRECT Autonomous University of Lancaster

  • AUL for now is not much more than a banner - but one with expanding

potential. We hope to explore this potential increasingly as we go along.

  • AUL is clearly (as already noted) a political project - a

self-organised educational space that would help foster radical, progressive social change locally>globally.

  • AUL would be different from both university and existing popular

education settings in (at least!?) two main ways: in terms of content (WHAT we learn), and in terms of format (HOW we learn it).

  • As long as AUL does not have a permanent roof over its head (and maybe

it will never have one!), we would aim at rotating the venue of events to maximise inclusivity (from campus, to Friends Meeting House, to Marsh community centre, to Basement, to Gregson,...?)

  • People interested in AUL should maybe also get together sometime(s) to

discuss/learn more about the multitude of radical education approaches that have been developed and experimented with over the centuries!

  • AUL shall have an owl as emblem :-) please circulate suggestions!