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A Free and Open Curriculum for Popular Education

The development of this curriculum began during the preparation for the second knowledge lab. The sessions that are listed (below) in the free curriculum can be used in local settings, modified and changed to fit particular needs or demands and changed around mercilessly - and should you think that it was worth it to use the curriculum your feedback would be more than welcome :)

List of sessions offered

The sessions that are offered are also offered as workshops for anyone - asnd if you do not find the them or topic or structure that you desire you can request/suggest a workshop that the knowledge lab can facilitate. Everything is for free and therefore subject to the usual business of having a life beyond voluntary world (in that other place), so as time and space permits. Donations are very welcome in any case!

  • "What good is private property?"
    • privacy, civil liberties and anti-capitalist jurisprudence
      • 3-4 hours, 5-12 people and no need for introductory texts/reading, although it may be helpful