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Making Global Civil Society

A weekend gathering for collective reflection amongst activists and academics. November 4, 5 & 6 - 2005.

Lancaster University, North West England.

This is a page for the meeting that we had.. and sorted out these things to do:

Preparation stuff:

Registrationforms - Elli/Nina Introductionsstuff - Ulli, Aurora, et al Buying stuff - Matt |Muesli, Non-Gluten Muesli, Soya milk, milk, "normal" Tea, Rooibosch tea, Biscuits, etc.| Kettles - Paul, Nina, Matt, everyone who has one left Posters - Nina/Elli |facilitation, "ground rules", handsignals, moving to other sessions, "What's going on in Lancaster"| Moving cups and stuff (Nina - Friday during the day) Email (Nina) Blackboards (Martin, 2x Basement) Flipcharts - IEPPP, Nina Leaflets etc Stuff - everyone, who wants to put flyers down

During the day

Train station and Friends' Meeting House - Gugge, Helen (on Friday) Office desk - Matt, Michaela |Registration, donation, reclaim travel money, Introduction| Tea, Coffe, Breakfast - Elli/Noel (at Friends' Meeting House) - Aurora (at conference) Washing up - EVERYONE Guidance to bonfire night - Elli/Noel Blackboards (Sunday afternoon sessions, facilitation timetable, sessions-rooms-who is going where) - on the day Email-encryption-workshop - Ingmar Facilitators for Feedback-sessions - Nina (Introduction on Friday) - Mike (Saturday morning) - Matt (saturday evening) - Elli (Sunday evening) Filmspace Saturday evening in Friends' Meeting House - Martin/Matt